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Toronto Managed IT Services Can Help Secure Your Data

Data security has become more important than ever. There have been several high profile cyber attacks and security breaches that highlighted the woeful state of security employed by organisations all over the world. With the rising number of such attacks, it has become imperative that your company takes the necessary steps to secure all the data your company has, especially the information about your customers.

Now, it might not be possible for a company to dedicate a section of its resources to maintaining data security completely. On the other hand, it can certainly choose to work with companies offering Toronto Managed IT services. There are several methods which they can use for ensuring your data security, some of which are discussed below.

Security Gap Analyses

It is possible to determine the areas where the data security can and needs to be improved by means of a gap analysis. It can provide a benchmark for advising further improvements to the security controls and processes in place. It can help in training the staff on security protocols and introducing extra security measures. In some cases, data security is not just about the digital world. Physical security is also vital.

Toronto Managed IT Services

Data Landscaping

This process helps in cataloging the data in use at your company. At the same time, it will help in determining the value of the data in case it gets compromised or is lost. In short, it helps in finding out the impact of a data breach, alteration and misrepresented. This way, data ownership can be ensured and steps taken for improving the security.

Implementing Encryption

These days, the number of devices that can be connected to the internet is rising almost exponentially thanks to Internet of Things. As such, it is not practically feasible to check out every device for its security. Instead, you will have to focus on the data. Encryption is the best solution. Keep all the data in your networks encrypted during storage. Ensure encryption when the data is in transit as well even if it is within your own networks.

Implement Strict Permission Levels

The cloud does offer a number of benefits to companies when it comes to storing data which is why many have started doing so already. On the other hand, you need to consider the added security risks that come with virtual storage. You will certainly not want the data to become accessible to those you do not want to give access. This can be avoided by the use of strict permission levels. This way, only the people with the right access level will be able to access the relevant data. Cloud storage with permission levels can also prevent the staff from storing file locally on their computer.

Use Two-Step Verification Process

This verification process will create another layer to safeguard your data from theft or compromise. This can increase the difficulty in compromising the security which is certainly beneficial for you.

With the help of IT services, you can also discover more ways by which the security of your organization can be improved. Do implement the steps to keep your company and your customers safe.