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Schools Can Improve Security with Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Systems (VMS) for schools or organizations can help to perform the most important task of restricting entry of intruders within the building facility and tracking the visitors who is within the campus. Whenever the question of providing protection to the students or employees come, one needs to think about introducing system for visitor management, within a building’s security arsenal. With reports of intruders or terrorists entering school premises and firing openly have made one to think over the security issues.

What Is A Visitor Management System?

VMS is an automated software that can help unimproving the security of a place. Only visitors whose details are registered with the system are denied entry. Even those who are allowed entry are provided with ID badges that can easily stop a person from entering into a restricted area.

VMS automates the visitor registration process. Apart from issuing a badge to the visitors, it captures detailed information about the visitor in seconds. It scans the driver’s license of the visitor, takes picture of the visitor and saves it in the database. The best thing about the software is that it creates a watch list, screens down unwanted visitors, creates alerts, reports about visitors.

System for visitor management

Safety: Priority for Schools

For educational organization, primary focus should be safety. Protecting the students as well as the property should be very important, in order to breed a healthy learning environment for students and teachers. In an effort to improve school security, many school authorities are investing in system for visitor management software.

VMS can form an important element of security program. Having a check-in and check-out system along with visitor badges can help school administration to learn who are visiting their school. VMS can also help to address other security concerns like:

  • Property theft
  • Vandalism
  • Intruders entering school

How School Security Can Be Improved?

School authorities should have a full knowledge of their security needs while planning to introduce a system for visitor management. Planning of planting it at the entrance should be done in partnership with security officials or local law enforcement officials. This would help them to identify the potential threats and determine ways to deal with it.

Now let’s check out the ways though which the software can improve the security of the school.

Data Accuracy

System for visitor management can record all data that may be required by school authorities. It can be helpful in case of emergencies.

Visitor Analysis

It can also help school authorities to learn if any visitor tried to visit any unrestricted place. Based on the report they can create a watch list.

Video Intercom System

It can help security personnel to enquire about the authenticity of the visitors while they are still behind the locked doors. Once they are validated, only they will get entry.

Creating Watch list

The software can help in creating a watch-list. The watch-list can prevent intruders or attackers from entering the school premises.

System for visitor management can help educational organizations to keep their school property and students secured from threat. When the environment remains safe, students and parents can have peace of mind and can easily send their wards to school without worrying about any kind of threats.